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Art Class
Paint Brushes
Paint Brushes

Youth Class

Drawing - Form and Space

Students learn basic skills and techniques for drawing from direct observation using subjects such as still life, landscape and architecture. The depiction of form, light and spatial depth is emphasized along with accurate proportion and scale. Research tools such as thumbnail sketches, quick studies, sketchbooks and digital resources are used to develop ideas. Analysis of drawings, critiques and classroom discussions build vocabulary and enrich the students’ understanding of drawing.

Adult Class

Oil-based Techniques and  Exploration

Students explore versatile processes for planning and developing a visual idea using oil-based media. They examine both traditional and contemporary applications while developing their ability to articulate artistic intent. Adhering to professional standards, students also construct painting supports, create grounds for oil-based media and complete photo documentation of their work.

Upcoming Workshop

July 7th - Egon Schiele

In this workshop, we will dive into the artists' background and analyze the techniques they use in paintings.

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